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Baccarat is a card game in which the goal, using two or three cards, is to make a combination that totals close to nine points. In the traditional version of this entertainment, players competed against each other by deciding whether to draw or discard a third card. Like any other game, baccarat has genuinely masterful players. In this article, we will consider top baccarat players in the world who are remembered by the world for their amazing performances.

Top 5 best baccarat players in the world

Tommy Renzoni

After Tommy Renzoni came to the United States in the 1950s baccarat appeared in American casinos. Renzoni’s main task was to convince the owners of Vegas gambling houses to install baccarat tables in their premises. It wasn’t easy for Tommy, since the game was new to Americans. However, several gambling establishments still took a risk to give the game a chance. Tommy didn’t bring revolutionary advice on how to beat the game, but his contribution to the history of the game is considered invaluable.

John Gates

This is a successful member of the business elite on our list. However, John became world famous not only because of his activities but also because of his passion for the world of gambling, where the crowning place was baccarat. He regularly bet several thousand dollars on one hand, and once staked a million. After this famous hand, the businessman was dubbed “Bet-a-Million”. The whole story is shrouded in mystery, but this bet Gates sort of lost.

Akio Kashiwag

It would be a crime to tell you about the top baccarat players in the world and not to mention Akio Kashiwagi. Kashiwagi was initially lucky and made a fortune from the game. But events in 1990 were a disaster for him. He managed to win seven million dollars, thanks to his habit of betting two hundred thousand dollars on one hand, but a few months later his luck ran out – he emptied ten million dollars and refused to pay out. Several years later, Kashiwagi’s lifeless body with 150 samurai sword wounds was discovered at his home. It was rumored that the billionaire had paid for his close association with the yakuza.

The Greek Syndicate

Most of the players on our list simply gambled and relied on luck to win. However, the Greek Syndicate differs from them in that they used their resourcefulness to achieve success. Among the five, Zografos was considered the most important member, as he had a great talent for mathematics and knew all the intricacies of baccarat. The syndicate used this knowledge to place appropriate bets and gain a significant advantage over the casino. The Greek Syndicate continued to make a lot of money until the beginning of World War II, when many countries banned gambling in order to focus on the war effort.

Kerry Packer

A tycoon who became the richest man in Australia. Thanks to his wealth, he had no problem playing baccarat at the highest stakes. He had a photographic memory and the ability to calculate odds instantly, which sometimes helped him win. On one trip he made a profit of £13 million. However, there were unfortunate instances, once he lost more than £13.6 million during a three-day baccarat game, which at the time was the biggest short-term loss in Vegas history.

However, there is a good chance that this list will be updated and increased in the future, as baccarat is gaining more and more popularity now!