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Gambling is a never-ending source of ideas and stories suitable for the creation of thrilling and box-office films. Blackjack is no exception. Sometimes it’s enough to witness a single hand be completely captivated by the game. After all, it’s with a movie that you can get a person so interested that he will have all-day-long thoughts only about this game. Here is a list of the most exciting and interesting movies on blackjack.

Top 5 Blackjack Movies

The Gambler

The film is about a talented writer and teacher who has one weakness: he is addicted to risk and is willing to put everything on the line, including his own life. He gets himself into a huge pit of trouble. At first, it seems as if the hero has a definite plan of action, but it only seems that way. The point of the film is to stop in time and not to be led by gambling. There are also a lot of philosophical thoughts of the characters, which push you to think about the meaning of life.

Rain Man

The story is about two brothers, one of whom inherited only an old car and rose bushes from his rich father, while the other inherited most of his fortune. The irony is that the second brother is autistic, who, according to the first, has no use for all this wealth. Eventually, he decides to kidnap his “short-sighted” relative in order to take what he thinks is his. In the course of the interaction, it transpires that the autistic brother is far more complex than he first appears.

The impact on the viewer is through a simple story, which is easy to feel with the protagonists. One of the few movies on blackjack where you don’t ask superfluous questions or try to find deep meaning. The viewer is given one single task: to enjoy a beautiful adventure.


The movie doesn’t claim to be a cult movie, but it feels quite good in the niche of light films, for watching which you can spend a pleasant evening. The main characters of the film are a team of students from a prestigious university, assembled by a teacher in order to make money in Vegas. The movie is based on real events based on the book. Of course, many moments on the screen are exaggerated and changed in order to create an interesting story, but it doesn’t spoil the final picture.


Jack Manfred is an aspiring writer suffering from a creative crisis and doesn’t know how to start his next book. But he sees a way out and takes a job as a casino croupier to support his literary ambitions. He never bets himself, but when a seductive hottie and the casino involve him in a dangerous but potentially lucrative scam, Jack believes fortune is on his side. What he doesn’t realize is that soon the lure of the game will take him much further than he ever imagined.

The Cooler

All his life Bernie has been unlucky. So much so, in fact, that a casino in Las Vegas hired him to work as a “cooler”, spreading his “loser aura” to the luckiest customers. His job is to pose as a player at the blackjack tables and manipulate fortunes for the benefit of the establishment. And because Bernie owes the casino a huge sum, he is chained to it in steel chains.